Resolving Life’s

jenniferJennifer Elder – RP, C.C.C.
Registered Psychotherapist/Counsellor

At times, each of us can feel overwhelmed by struggles in our lives and our relationships. Sometimes even our best attempts to solve the problem or make sense of it, doesn’t achieve any lasting results. At that point, it may be helpful to get professional assistance from a counsellor/psychotherapist. Therapy can offer you some guidance and solutions.

The main goal of therapy is to increase your knowledge about yourself and your relationships. Hopefully, it will assist you to develop new and lasting behavioural patterns that improve the quality of your life. Significant growth as a human being usually comes from facing major conflict or dissatisfaction with your current situation. Successful therapy can help you establish a plan to make things better.

As the therapist it is my role to help you find and then reach your new goals. I listen to you and help guide you in your search for solutions to the issues you present. I will help you develop insight into the situation and then determine what action is required.




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